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Vanamo Ruutu Sateenkaari wrap

babywearing portage vanamo wrap écharpe review rainbow ruutu sateenkaari wearababy
Vanamo is a brand that is designed and produced by Liinalaapsi- Wearababy in Finland. Wearababy takes care of its products, which are  made with Öko-tex 100 certified threads. That means that the threads don't contain harmful chemicals. Materials come from Europe : merino wool from German manufacturer, organic cotton (GOTS certified) and european linen. The wraps are woven at a weaving mill in Southern Finland and finished by a local seamstress.

You can buy Vanamo wraps in cotton-linen, cotton-wool and 100% cotton and many colors (rainbow, or only one color like Kide Vesi for example)

babywearing portage vanamo wrap écharpe review rainbow ruutu sateenkaari DH wearababyThe wrap I tested is Vanamo Ruutu Sateenkaari violet and is cotton-wool wrap. Sateenkaari means rainbow (i do love it !). The wrap is 5.20 m of length for 75 cm wide. Perfect wrap for a toddler ! Vanamo wrap is cut at an angle, but it is short (15 cm) There is a small middle-marker, but we don't see it easily.

babywearing portage vanamo wrap écharpe review rainbow ruutu sateenkaariVanamo wrap is sent with an instruction booklet where you can see pictures of many carries : Robin's hip carry, front wrap cross carry, front cross carry, hip cross carry, rucksack carry, Double Hammock..and ...back wrap cross carry ! (and i don't resist to say you that woman on pictures is...pregnant, it is so cute !)

Weight of the cotton-wool wrap is 248g/m², this is not light but not weight yet. When i touched the Vanamo for the first time, i found it a little bit thick, but very soft, already. An incredible wrap, not rough at all. And not heavy either.
babywearing portage vanamo wrap écharpe review rainbow ruutu sateenkaari wearababyI washed the wrap before first use, at cold 30 C temperature in a wool cycle. For the cotton-wool Vanamo use washing detergent suitable for delicates or wool. The fabric softeners are not recommended.
Then, after washing, wrap was still softer, a real pleasure to touch and to look.

Ruutu is the Vanamo specific weaving pattern that makes a diagonally stretchy wrap. With the wool, it offers a very soft, easygoing and flexible wrap.

I  use a size 7, because my baby is now a toddler (12 kgs and 86 cm). I had to carry her with 2 or 3 layers because of the wool and its "stretchy effect".  But with a newborn it is a very pleasant wrap too and you don't need as many layers.
Vanamo wrap is amazing : also it is a little bit thick, it is so soft that you can tie very easily. Wrap is very moldable and you can spread many layers without any difficulties.
 Layers don't grip but the fabric doesn't slip, so that the wrap is very supportive, and spreading the second layer of the DH is child's play.
babywearing portage vanamo wrap écharpe review rainbow ruutu sateenkaari DHS2S wearababy
Your shoulders don't hurt, even after two hours, and you don't feel very much the weight of your baby.
Wrap is not bulky, I use to wear my baby Koala with BWCC when she fells asleep, and wrap doesn't subside despite my daughter's weight. . I also tested knotless finishions, and wrap is staying very supportive, without moving.
The wool in the wrap gives a very unique and special feeling : a flexible but very supportive wrap.
An easygoing wrap which can help inexperienced babywearing parents because it is very moldable and soft. A pleasure to wear the babies too , because wrap is such a blankie !
What made me surprised too is that this wrap is not heavy, and if it was shorter, i could even say it is light !

babywearing portage vanamo wrap écharpe review rainbow ruutu sateenkaari DH wearababyI do love this wrap cotton-wool because i can wear my toddler with great comfort. Width of 75 cm is helpful,wrap is very soft and not rough, it is an easygoing and amazing moldable wrap, i really do love the texture.

You can find Vanamo wraps on Wearababy online shop or in your local retailers.

Summary :
 A very soft and comfortable wrap , perfect for a toddler with its 75 width , flexible but very supportive wrap. Very good choice for a newborn too thanks to the wool.

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